St augustine carpet cleaners service

Cleaning your interior

At Pete’s carpet cleaning we believe that when you call for a cleaning service you will be expecting a topnotch cleaning service from St Augustine Carpet Cleaners service providers who nurture your assets, ensuring 100% guarantee.

Interior cleaning

That’s why at Pete’s Carpet Cleaning we pride ourselves in offering the best carpet, upholstery, leather and interior service in St Augustine and surrounding areas. Below are the steps we take for your interior cleaning.

1.Cleaning floor mats and carpets

Mats and carpets are first vacuumed off and then cleaned with the state of the art interior and upholstery cleaning machines. In this stage mats and carpets are removed, cleaned thoroughly and dried separately.

2. Cleaning the cockpit

The plastic trim is the largest area of the interior consisting of little sensitive and rather rugged materials suitable for pre-cleaner and interior settings, using such a cleaner and skillful manual wash will get rid of the dirt.

3. Cleaning to roof liner

The roof liner is vacuumed off first so as to remove the surface dust layer, as it often exhibits major discoloration and soiling.

4. Cleaning the spare tyre recess

The boot is vacuumed off and cleaned dry or wet, also cleaning the tyre recess where most dust accumulates.

5. Door entries

After vacuuming off the dirt of the door handles and entries, we use environmentally friendly products which not only leaves the interior of your doors clean but also smelling nice.

6. Cleaning the seats and upholstery

The seats are firstly vacuumed off in order to remove the top layer of dirt, followed by the application of upholstery cleaning foam, leaving your seats clean with a wonderful fragrance.

7. Leather care

Leather are mostly found on seats, steering wheels and shifts levers. We clean your leather with quality products that leaves your leather clean and smelling great. Learn more about our 10 step carpet cleaning process.


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